Randy Mintz

Randy Mintz is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in licensing, marketing, and public relations. With over 30 years of expertise in these fields, Randy has provided brand development, management, and licensing services to numerous clients in the United States

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Randy has made significant contributions to his community over the years. He served as an executive board member for “Shoes For Kids,” an organization focused on providing footwear to underprivileged children. Through his involvement, Randy played an active role in supporting the mission of the organization and positively impacting the lives of children in need.


Furthermore, Randy dedicated his time and skills to coaching basketball at the high school level for more than 20 years. By mentoring young athletes, he played a crucial role in shaping their lives beyond high school, instilling valuable lessons and helping them reach their potential both on and off the court.

Randy had the opportunity to intern as an assistant coach under the tutelage of Rollie Massimino (Villanova and Cleveland State University) and also worked on several endeavors with Jerry Tarkanian (Former UNLV Basketball Coach).

“For my players, I try to provide them a lifelong experience. I give them a future, not just a great season.”®

Randy had the privilege to serve on the Rocky Colavito Statue committee. This committee played a crucial role in the unveiling of the statue of the former Cleveland Indians icon in Little Italy in March 2021. Randy’s participation in this committee demonstrates his commitment to honoring the legacy of sports figures and preserving their impact on the community.

Recognizing his outstanding community endeavors, Randy received an award from the United States Air Force Thunderbird Squadrons. This recognition signifies his philanthropic contributions and the positive influence he has had on the underprivileged members of his community.

Randy is an accomplished professional with a strong commitment to community service and philanthropy. His extensive experience in licensing, marketing, and public relations, combined with his dedication to helping others, has made him an influential figure in his community.

“The Philanthropist”

Randy Mintz’s philanthropic efforts have made a profound impact in various areas, including his involvement with “Shoes For Kids,” the Special Olympics, and the Literary Awareness Program for the Shoes for Kids. Randy’s dedication has been a driving force in providing footwear to underprivileged children. His involvement has undoubtedly helped improve the lives of countless children, making a positive difference.

Special Olympics: His support for this cause shows his belief in the transformative power of sports for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. By supporting the Special Olympics, Randy has contributed to empowering, and creating camaraderie among athletes with disabilities.

Former State Attorney General, Lee Fisher, presented Randy with special recognition for his work on the Cleveland New Leadership Division for Greater Cleveland State.

“You have given willingly of your time, energy, and abilities to better the world around you, and you are deserving of the highest praise.” Lee Fisher

Dedication to Sgt Shriver: Sargent Shriver, the founder of the Peace Corps and a prominent advocate for social programs, made significant contributions to various humanitarian causes. Randy has shown dedication to continuing Sargent Shriver’s legacy further demonstrating his commitment to philanthropy and making a positive impact in the world.

Accolades from Barbara Bush: The recognition and accolades Randy Mintz received from Barbara Bush for his work in the Literary Awareness Program highlight his dedication to promoting literacy and education. Barbara Bush was an advocate for literacy and established the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. Randy’s involvement in the Literary Awareness Program and the praise he received from Barbara Bush underscore his passion for education through reading and learning. Randy Mintz’s philanthropic endeavors, from “Shoes For Kids,” the Special Olympics, and the Literary Awareness Program, demonstrate his commitment to giving back to the community, supporting underprivileged individuals, promoting inclusivity, and empowering others through education and sports. His contributions have undoubtedly made a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many individuals and communities.

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