Joe Gazzo

Joe Gazzo’s artistic journey is a remarkable tale of passion and gratitude that began in the 5th grade when he won an art contest. This early success ignited a lifelong love for art and set Joe on a path of creative expression.

As Joe’s skills deepened, his talent and dedication caught the attention of the art world. One of the most extraordinary milestones in Joe’s journey came when one of his student’s drawings was chosen to be displayed at the Smithsonian Institute. This incredible achievement highlighted Joe’s skill as a teacher, guiding and inspiring others to unlock their own artistic potential.

Joe’s involvement in various projects and commissions has further solidified his standing in the art community. He served on the Rocky Colavito Statue Committee, which unveiled a statue honoring the Cleveland Indians baseball player in Little Italy in March of 2023. Additionally, Joe has received recognition for his work in several national publications such as Helmar’s Baseball History and Art Magazine and Spitball Magazine to name a few. One of his notable projects was the creation of a portrait of Shoeless Joe Jackson, for W.P. Kinsella, the author of “Shoeless Joe,” on which the movie “Field of Dreams” was based.

Beyond his artistic achievements, Joe is also committed to philanthropy. He dedicates his time to educating inner-city youth through his art classes and extends his support to the homeless through the initiative “Project Save.”

 Joe Gazzo’s story serves as a reminder that art has the potential to extend boundaries to bring people together. His journey exemplifies how a single individual, driven by dedication and gratitude, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through their artistic endeavors.

“The Philanthropist”

Cleveland Real Producers, Joe Gazzo

Joe Gazzo is a portrait artist, ranging from sports figures and celebrities, to everyday people.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Joe’s interest in art goes as far back as he can remember, always mesmerized by the “realism” created by artists ranging from Norman Rockwell to Michaelangelo. As Director of Education at the Baseball Heritage Museum at Cleveland’s historic League Park, he enjoys teaching his craft to those who live in the community, including one of his students who’s portrait of Francisco Lindor found a home in The Smithsonian Institute. Learn more!

“The Teacher”

Joe Gazzo’s dedication to giving back to the community is evident through his selfless service as an art teacher. By devoting his time as an art teacher, Joe Gazzo shares his passion for creativity and artistic expression with others. Through his expertise and guidance, he helps students explore their artistic talents, develop their skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the world of art.

As an art teacher, Joe Gazzo nurtures his students’ creativity and encourages them to express themselves freely through their artwork and fosters a supportive and inspiring environment where students can grow as artists and individuals.

“On Deck” By Marc Bona,

Rocky Colavito portrait created to support Little Italy statue, honor ex-Indian great –

Joe Gazzo – who works in real estate and is a baseball-history aficionado, Colavito fan and local artist – has crafted a portrait of the slugger. It shows Colavito kneeling with a focused look as he grips a bat and waits to hit. Titled “On Deck,” 1,000 limited-edition prints are being signed by Colavito, who lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. Some proceeds from the sales will go to the creation of a statue in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Gazzo connected with Randy Mintz, who sits on the statue committee. Mintz, whose family owns Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard and who runs the marketing company Rodeo Kick, has worked with Colavito in the past, on a t-shirt and bobblehead.

When Mintz saw Gazzo’s art he was amazed.

“The Rock” Statue

Joe Gazzo played a crucial role as a committee member in bringing the Rocky Colavito Memorial Statue to life at Brush Park in Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio.

Thanks to Joe Gazzo’s dedication and efforts, the memorial statue was erected to honor and commemorate Rocky Colavito, one of Cleveland’s beloved baseball legends. Colavito, a former player for the Cleveland Indians, had a significant impact on the city and the sport of baseball during his tenure.

The memorial statue at Brush Park stands as a tribute to Rocky Colavito’s contributions to the community and his lasting legacy in Cleveland’s baseball history. It serves as a symbol of appreciation for his athletic achievements and the indelible mark he left in the hearts of baseball fans.

The Colavito statue serves as a gathering place for fans and a reminder of the impact that sports can have on a city’s culture and identity.

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