Chris Adams

Chris Adams’ journey into the world of art began at an early age, inspired by his brother, a student at the Cleveland School of Art and his father, a bricklayer, who was involved in the craft business, as a hobby. Chris’ artistic talent was evident as he started drawing portraits, race cars, and sports figures at an early age. These early experiences laid the foundation for his later creative endeavors.

Chris has created logos for various sports clubs included Parma and North Royalton programs. One example of his logos is the North Royalton High School’s new Bear mascot. The logo came about when he was a Board Member on the North Stadium Foundation. The school district continues to his artwork, which is displayed in a variety of sports teams.

Chris pursued his passion for crafting by establishing Shadow Box Creations in 2015. He has crafted unique and personalized shadow boxes that have captured memories of celebrities, athletes and friends. His latest Shadow Plaque was given to the Cleveland Baseball Heritage Museum, featuring the First Nine players inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame from the Negro League.

Chris also has a love for playing sport and coaching. With personal experiences, he created ESP (Every Single Play) Mental Athletic Training, teaching young athletes and students how to think and perform under pressure. His unique approach combined sports psychology with practical techniques, helping individuals overcome mental barriers and excel in high-pressure situations. This training supports young athletes not only on the field but in the classroom. Previous students have taken this training into adulthood, as they have become active members of the workforce.

Chris brings a unique set of skills to J&R Productions with a wide variety of talent from Web Development, artistic mindset and creativity for any project placed in front of him.

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